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Newton, the new generation of small machines with two platen technology ‘made in italtech’.

Environmental supportability, energetic efficiency,high level performances: there are the primary needs to be satisfied in the present market, in order to be competitive.

Italtech present a forefront solution able to revolutionize the market, while granting easiness, cheapness and most of all complete reliability: Newton is the perfect line to answer to the growing demand for injection molding machines of the small-medium tonnage.

- Sizes: 22% saving
- Reduced maintenance: thanks to the easy accessibility to any of the components and to the reduced mechanical frictions: 10% saving
- Limited energy consumptions: reduced quantity of circulating lubrication oil and application of a variable displacement pump: 30% saving
- Shorter idle cycle: 30% saving
- Large range, standard platen and wide platen solutions, from 180 to 1000 ton

Newton Series - March 24th
Plast 2009 - Milan


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