The latest KL series features a patented Italtech mechanical system, which solves the problem related to the hydraulic system incorporated into the moving platen.

The clamping unit features cantilever tie-bars and short tiebars with locking jaws on the fixed platen. The elimination of components subject to wear, such as tie-rod bushings and sliding pads, allows for clean machine operating conditions.
The innovative clamping system on the tie-bars only makers linear movements, without any rotation component. This solution ensures the correct position of the tie-bars under operating conditions while reducing the duration of dry run. The new generation of these machines was designed by optimising the number of components and accessibility to every component to reduce spare part costs and labour time.

“Attention to moulds is guaranteed by the robust plat ens and precise parallelism between the fixed and moving platen.”


KL 130KL 1800
KL 180KL 2000
KL 250KL 2300
KL 350KL 2500
KL 450KL 2700
KL 550KL 3200
KL 650KL 3500
KL 720KL 4000
KL 850KL 4500
KL 1000KL 5000
KL 1200KL 5500
KL 1300KL 6000
KL 1500KL 8000
KL 1600