Complete guaranteed overhaul

Italtech can supply fully overhauled machines injection moulding and provides installation and startup services and a guarantee. The type of overhauling can be agreed. For example, you can request only an electric and electronic upgrade or the restoration of the clamping or injection unit.


We provide national and international transport of large machinery with disassembly, assembly, inspection, and startup services. The safest way to reduce startup time.

Multibrand spare parts

Supply of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components of all major brands.

Mechanical components

  • Supply of custom mechanical parts
  • Manufacturing of sample parts Electrical and electronic components
  • Supply of original and compatible electrical materials
  • Repair of electronic modules. Inverter repair


  • Repair of fixed and variable displacement pumps
  • Supply and repair of pumps and compatible solutions
  • Supply of new valves and compatible solutions
  • Overhaul and repair of hydraulic cylinders and compatible solutions
  • Supply and installation of logic blocks with valves for proportional and radial distributors and sequential nozzles

Control unit change

Obsolete control systems can hinder productivity even when the other parts of the machine are still efficient. We provide electric and electronic upgrades and supply new electrical diagrams and provide installation and startup services.

Energy requalification

We provide the opportunity to implement the latest energy saving devices on existing machines, thanks to the integration of inverters into traditional electric motors. We can also apply high-dynamics servo-motor pumps by adding a servomotor to a high-efficiency gear pump.

1. energy savings: energy savings can be obtained when the motor speed coincides with the requirements of the system at all times. Energy consumption is reduced by the cube of the speed. This way, a system operating at half the speed consumes only 12.5% of threaded power

2. process optimisation: opportunity to increase process repeatability and reduce the level of wear in every component of the equipment

3. proper equipment operation: the number of startup and shutdown operations, with the consequent variation in speed, can be drastically reduced, thereby preventing machine components from being subject to impacts, thanks to the use of startup ramps and soft stop

4. improved work environment: speed adjustment reduces noise, thanks to the use of startup ramps and soft stop and there placement of hydraulic motors with electric motors

Special equipment

  • Hot chamber control units
  • Oil and air nozzle control units
  • Rotation tables
  • Satellite injectors
  • Retractable tie bar for mold loading

We provide the opportunity to reduce cycle time and energy consumption by installing an inverter-operated electric motor for the plasticising unit. This is often combined with the installation of hydraulic accumulators for the injection stage.

Plasticising units

Supply of new wear-resistant thermochemically treated plasticizing units. With delivery, installation, fine tuning, and push rod updating services. We provide consultancy and supply plasticizing units for special polymers and adapt them to existing injection moulding machines.

Scheduled maintenance

Spare part packages: to optimize purchases and manage urgencies

One-day check: a one-day check to ensure the correct diagnosis of the state of your machines, allowing you to plan your expenses and productions

Agreement for periodic checks: a stitch in time saves nine!